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Foxwell NT301 (DIY Scanner)

Foxwell NT301 (DIY Scanner)

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FOXWELL NT301 OBD2 Scanner Live Data Professional Mechanic OBDII Diagnostic Code Reader Tool for Check Engine Light he Foxwell NT301 obd2 code scanner can read and erase codes which can also retrieve a wealth of information from the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is what triggers the Check Engine Light when there is a problem with your car.

Parts might cause your check engine light on include:

#1. Gas Cap

#2. Air Fuel Ratio Sensor

#3. Mass Air Flow Sensor

#4. Ignition Coils

#5. Spark Plug Wires

#6. Spark Plugs

#7. Thermostat

#8. EGR Valve

#9. Evaporatative Emission Canister Purge Valve(EVAP)

#10. Catalytic Converter. And the NT301 obdii code reader will read codes indicating these fault parts.

After the car problems have been solved, Foxwell NT301 car code reader can erase these trouble codes and turn off check engine light. (Note, MIL codes will come back resulted from maintenance failure. Please read Quick Start Guide comes with the package to get familiar with NT301.

Product Features:

1. Supports multiple code requests: Generic, manufacturer specific and pending codes.

2. Clears codes, turns off Check Engine Light (CEL) and resets monitors.

3. DTC definition can be automatically displayed after reading, press "HELP" button with DTC guide for possible causes if codes show the small "?" icon.

4. Reads freeze frame data which shows engine conditions such as fuel trim, fuel pressure, engine coolant temp, etc. at the time the Malfunction Indicator Lamp(MIL) was set.

5. Reads, records, graphs & playbacks(data logging) live sensor data.

6. Reads live sensor/on-board monitor test data.(Full OBD modes including Mode 6 and Mode 8) (Beeping: means your NT301 has diagnosed faults codes in your car.

If you do not wish to hear the noise, please enter Settings to set it.) full OBD Service Modes The Foxwell NT301 OBD2 universal check engine light tool is made to easily read and erase engine codes. It is an enhanced OBD II and EOBD scanner that covers all obd2 protocols and all OBD diagnostic services, therefore it will work with virtually any vehicle equipped with obd2 and view more powertrain diagnostic data than other obd2 scan tool. Specially Designed for Home Diagnostics The code reader car diagnostic tool is specifically designed for car owners to identify problems with their vehicles before taking them to a mechanic. It is therefore ideal for use at home, and is very easy to use. Moreover, it will save lots of car maintenance costs for you. Simply plug it in and hit enter. It supports all OBD II functions, and will therefore work for all vehicles compatible with standard obdii protocols. Enhanced OBD II functions NT301 obd2 scan tool can not only read and clear engine fault codes, save money for you, but also have some enhanced functions which could help you find some deep problems so that makes your diagnosis easier. LED Notifications: Red-Yellow-Green LEDs and build-in speaker indicate the readiness status for smog check. This engine diagnostic tool can also help catch intermittent problems or confirm repairs during a drive cycle. Data Log: The NT301 engine code reader records PIDs for later use to help you diagnose intermittent driving performance problems which can not be determined by any other methods. DTC Help: Press "HELP" button with DTC guide for possible causes if codes show the small "?" icon. VIN Retrival: Automatic VIN acquisition and decoding make it much easier to read manufacturer specific codes and enhanced mode 6 data. Print Data: If you are unable to determine the problem, you can print out the diagnostic data and send the data to your mechanic for help.


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