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Foxwell T10 (TPMS Sensor)

Foxwell T10 (TPMS Sensor)

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T10 (វ៉ាល់កង់ថ្មី ដាក់បានគ្រប់ឡាន ទាំងឡានសាំង និង​​​ ម៉ាស៊ូត)

Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor

T10 is an universal programmable TPMS sensor developed by Foxwell in 2020. It integrates 315MHz and 433MHz dual frequency and can replace more than 99% of the direct tire pressure system OEM sensors on the market today. With Foxwell TPMS service tools, itcan be easily activated and programmed within seconds. 

Foxwell - Car Tire Pressure Sensor, Tire Scan Monitor, 315MHz 433MHz, TPMS Sensor, Full Size Tire Repair Tools, T10

T10 is a universal programmable TPMS sensor developed by Foxwell in 2021. It integrates dual frequency of 315MHz and 433MHz and can replace more than 98% of direct tire pressure system OEM sensors on the market today. With Foxwell TPMS service tools, it can be easily activated and programmed in seconds.

Why do you need Foxwell T10?

Flat tire Rear-end collision Fuel consumption SRS Airbag System Different road conditions Different times

Advantages of foxwell T10

1. High performance universal tire pressure sensor, suitable for full size tires;

2. Dual frequency integration, wide applicability, suitable for both 315MHz frequency and 433MHz frequency;

3. Wide model coverage, supporting more than 98% of international models

4. It can replace all original tire pressure sensors, and can copy and write the data of original sensors to achieve lossless replacement and installation;

5. It can be written, activated and reprogrammed indefinitely, stable and durable;

6. Support copying and programming on the car, making replacement and installation easier and more convenient;

7. Support multiple programming methods such as manual creation, activation copy, automatic creation, OBD copy, etc.;

8. Using imported high-end chip, the pressure value is accurate to 0.01 bar;

9. Built-in, sealed and regulated waterproof imported lithium battery, applicable life is up to 5-6 years;

10. High-precision rubber or metal valve styles can be purchased, which can effectively prevent air leakage for a long time and support manual exchange;

11. Valve design mode can be adjusted at any angle from 0-35° to fit different kinds of wheels;

12. Waterproof, dustproof, anti-corrosion, anti-vibration and durable;


Real-time collection and monitoring of vehicle tire pressure data, replacement of the original tire pressure sensor, solving the problem of high price of the original sensor and small adaptability range of the model, solving the problem problem of a large number of sensors in auto parts manufacturers and service workshops, Make all vehicles affordable high quality and high precision tire pressure sensor.

Comprehensive Vehicle Coverage

Compatible with over 98% of vehicles equipped with a tire pressure system.

Wireless sensor programming with foxwell T1000 and T2000

Note: The program does not support other brand's tpms service tool, you can buy T1000 from my store.


How to install?

1. Deflate the tire Remove the valve cover and valve core to deflate the tire.

2. Disassembly of the sensor Place the tire in the tire machine with the TPMS sensor located 180° from the arm of the breaker tool. Break the tire bead and remove the tire from the tire machine. Then use an appropriate tool to disassemble the TMPS sensor. (Note * in some Cases the tire may need to be completely removed from the wheel)

3. Installation of the sensor (see photo)

4. Inflate the tire Disassemble the valve core with the valve core removal tool. Then inflate the Tire rated to vehicle tire data plate. Install the valve core and screw on the valve cap.


Battery life: more than 5 years Operating frequency: 315MHz/ 433MHz Size: 4.62*2.78*1.77cm

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