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Battery Charger TB6000Pro

Battery Charger TB6000Pro

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Battery charging and battery testing go hand-in-hand, but until now it required separate tools. TOPDON set out to design one tool that can do both functions to help test your batteries before charging, which allows you to have a comprehensive look on the health report of the whole charging system, all while leaving the hassle of carrying multiple tools behind. Making the tool user friendly was at the top of our list of requirements, so we added a 9-step smart charging feature, so you can set it and forget it. Worrying about overcharging and damaging your battery is a thing of the past. You can monitor the status of your charging using your smartphone and our intuitive app, where professional-level advanced settings, such as voltage and current adjustment, are also available. The TB6000Pro is ideal for both professional technicians and DIYers, having the custom settings needed by professionals and smart settings expected by DIYers.

2 In 1 Smart Battery Charger & Tester

The perfect combination between a smart automotive charger and a professional battery tester. Users gain a powerful, multifunctional tool, save money, space, and leave the hassle of carrying multiple tools behind.

TB6000Pro 2 In 1 Smart Battery Charger & Tester

Smart Charging with Pre- and Post-Report

The TOPDON TB6000Pro offers an industry-first smart charging mode, which can display a pre- and post-report showing accurate data comparison. In the smart charging mode, the TB6000Pro will automatically perform a pre-detection on the battery once you start to charge it and allow you to test the battery again with “View Report” function to generate a pre- and post-report. By comparing the data including CCA, Internal Resistance, Voltage, State of Health, the report clearly indicates how much the battery has been improved after being charged. You can also save the testing reports to photos to view at any time.

TB6000Pro 9-Step Smart Sharging

DIY 9-Step Charging Mode

Innovative Microprocessor Technology More Control. More Efficiency. More Jobs Completed.

The TB6000Pro smart charger, aims to simplify the charging process for DIYers especially for beginners by providing a “Beginner Mode". Select the charging mode suitable for your batteries and tap “Start Charging”, then your batteries can be left charged automatically.

TB6000Pro DIY 9-Step Charging Mode

9-Step Smart Charging

Tired for a customized charge? Let the TB6000Pro run it for you. TOPDON's patented 9-step smart charging gives your battery an optimized, maintained, integrated charging process.

Diagnosis, Desulphation, Pre-Charge, Soft Start, BulK Charge, Absorption, Analysis, Recondition, Maintenance.

Power Our Battery, Prolong Its Life

Utilizing pulse-width modulation to break down the sulfates in the aging battery, the TB6000Pro can restore the battery resistance efficiently and prolong service life. Having pre- and post-testing for battery, TB6000Pro can clearly show you the improvement of battery resistance after charged. 

TB6000Pro Power Our Battery, Prolong Its Life

Reliable Charging Solution

TOPDON has a huge database of automotive batteries, which acts as an important source of data for the R&D Team to offer suitable charging experience for customers. If users consent to upload their charging data to the App, TOPDON can optimize the charging algorithm constantly and provide more effective solutions with real-life data.

TB6000Pro Reliable Charging Solution

Timed Automatic Charging

Setting the charging time on the app is as easy as setting an alarm clock. The tool can charge and monitor your battery while you sleep. This timed charging feature can also get your battery charged during off-peak hours.

For the extremely budget-conscious, the TB6000Pro offers a cumulative billing function that allows you to easily calculate your electricity usage.

TB6000Pro Timed Automatic Charging

One Charger For All

Compatible with all types of 6V & 12V lead-acid batteries, and 12V lithium batteries (LiFePO4). Supports multiple battery types: LI, WET, GEL, MF, CAL, EFB, AGM.

6 charging modes:
12V / 3A SMALL
6V / 3A NORM

TB6000Pro One Charger For All

Review Data With Ease Anytime

The TB6000Pro includes a Data Review Function so users can get another look at their charging reports within 6 months and battery test-related information.

TB6000Pro Review Data With Ease Anytime

Expanded Capabilities To Test Batteries

With the TB6000Pro, you will be able to complete even more jobs. Using the Kelvin test method, the TB6000Pro can accurately detect the SOC, SOH, etc. of various types of batteries. Supporting detailed charging tests and cranking tests for 12V Lead-Acid batteries, the TB6000Pro gives superior battery diagnostics via the mobile app.

TB6000Pro Expanded Capabilities To Test Batteries

Safe, Water and Dirt-Resistant

The TB6000Pro can be used in high temperatures and humid environments. It’s waterproof and dirt-proof.

TB6000Pro Safe, Water and Dirt-Resistant

Even More Protections

With the TB6000Pro's smart safety features, users are protected against reverse polarities, spark, short circuits, overheating, and over-voltages.

TB6000Pro Even More Protections


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