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Foxwell T2000 (TPMS Programmer)

Foxwell T2000 (TPMS Programmer)

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Foxwell T2000 TPMS professional TPMS diagnostic and maintenance tool

It is Provides a complete solution for TPMS maintenance. It is a professional TPMS diagnostic and maintenance tool which can activate the decoding of universal TPMS sensors, program the T10 TPMS sensor and diagnose the original car tire pressure monitoring system.

If you are using Foxwell 2000 to activate the sensors and test if the tire is normal, you can use any sensor.
If you use Foxwell T2000 to change sensors and programming data, you must use Foxwell T10 sensors.
Have EU and US power adapter, if not necessary, will always send buyer's country to use.

Note: FOXWELL T2000 has set English language in the device, in other language, please connect us to open after registration on official website, then update new software.

Support languages:
English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Russian, Dutch, Portuguese, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Swedish, Italian, Hungarian, Thai, Greek, Türky

Advantages and Features of Foxwell T2000:
1. Enable 98% OEM/Universal TPMS sensors.
2. 4 ways to program FOXWELL T10 sensors: copy by OBD, copy by activation, copy by manual input and auto-create sensors 1-16.
3. 3 TPMS relearn methods: stationary relearn, automatic relearn and OBD relearn.
4. TPMS Diagnostic: Read/clear TPMS codes, TPMS live data and TPMS active test, etc.

--- Relearn TPMS sensor 98%
In the vast majority of cases, when a TPMS sensor is replaced, it is necessary to perform a TPMS sensor relearn procedure to identify the sensor in the vehicle's systems. Foxwell T2000 TPMS Sensor Relearn Tool provides 3 ways of TPMS sensor relearn service to vehicle, which are stationary relearn, automatic relearn and OBD relearn. Compared with Foxwell T1000, T2000 can directly write TPMS sensor ID into ECU via OBD relearn.

--- Program Foxwell TPMS Sensor
With Foxwell T2000, you can do TPMS programming by yourself instead of going to the dealer. Foxwell T2000 TPMS Programming Tool provides 4 easy and convenient methods to program Foxwell T10 sensors: Copy by OBD, Copy by Activation, Copy by Manual Input and Automatic Create Sensors 1-16. Note: Foxwell T2000 can only program Foxwell T10 sensors.

--- Enable 99% OEM/Universal TPMS Sensor
Foxwell TPMS Tool T2000 can activate 99% OEM/Universal TPMS sensors wirelessly, allows you to easily get the sensor data, including sensor ID, tire pressure, tire temperature, sensor battery, sensor position, frequency, etc. Simply select the make, model and year of release of the vehicle. The sensors will be activated in an instant.

---TPMS diagnostics
Foxwell T2000 is equipped with OBD2 cable, which means you can run TPMS sensor diagnosis and detect OBDII problem, such as read sensor ID from vehicle ECU, write sensor ID into vehicle's ECU, read/record/read TPMS live data, read/erase TPMS system code and reset malfunction indicator light, read activated sensor data, etc.

1: Triggers all currently known TPMS.
2: Reads the tire pressure sensor.
3: Full function OBDII code reader sensors including data from 2021 models including iD sensor, tire temperature, tire pressure and battery status.
4: Supports diagnosis for TPMS system.
5: Program the Foxwell T10 TPMS.
6: Decodes the sensor information and the sensor which is compatible with faulty sensors using almost all vehicles equipped with TPMS.
7: Make-Model-Year selection ensures.
8: Verifies RF remote keyless entry (key
9: Provide correct activation of online matching operation and avoid guide crosstalk FOB 1634609139560P9
10: Warn about wrong sensor installed.
11: Keypad clearly laid out and
12: Missing or defective built-in rechargeable Li-polymer sensor, duplicate ID, menu-driven operating battery and incorrect sensor mode
13: Easily charges tool with either wall
14 : Multilingual menu for an international
15: Lifetime free updates via USB cable.

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