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OTOFIX IM1 (Key Programmer)

OTOFIX IM1 (Key Programmer)

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Smart IMMO Functions

  • Supports OBD key programming for 80% of vehicle models
  • Supports key programming via OBD for Volkswagen IV, V and MQB IMMO system
  • Supports Add key and All Keys Lost programming via OBD from CAS1 to CAS4 and FEM&BDC IMMO system
  • Supports key programming bypassing PIN code for all 2005-2020 Ford models
  • Supports key programming bypassing PIN code for 2019-2020 Promaster, DT-RAM, Jeep Commander, etc.
  • Supports read password for Hyundai Kia key ID46, 47, 4A, 8A, etc.

    Key Programming Coverage:
    More Than 95% of Common Vehicle Models

    Supports key programming for more than 2000 models of more than 60 car series.

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